Printing test forms in Test Creation

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You can generate printable versions of test forms in Test Creation. To be printed, a test form must contain either Multiple Choice items or paper-based content imported from ContentProducer.

You can also generate mark schemes and source material booklets for printed test papers.

This article explains how to print test forms in the Test Creation section of Surpass.

TIP: To learn about creating paper-based tests in the Test Wizard, read Creating a Paper and Onscreen test with the Test Wizard.
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1. Go to the Test Forms screen

To view the Test Forms screen, go to Test Creation > Test Forms.

TIP: For more information about Test Forms, read About the Test Forms screen.

2. Select Printed Test

Choose a test form in the Test Forms grid, then select Printed Test.

3. Create a printed test

NOTE: If your test form has dynamic rules, the rules will be run once for each printed test you create. You can create multiple printed tests from one dynamic test form.

Select Create to create a printable version of the test form.

Fill out the Create Printed Exam dialog.

Field Description
Printed Exam Name The name of the printable test paper.
Print Code The test paper’s reference code. 

Select OK to create a printed test.

4. Generate test paper

To create a test paper, choose a test form in Printed Exams and select Generate.

The Generate (Test Paper) dialog displays a summary of all items in the test form and whether each items is Printable or Unprintable . If the test form has been edited since the printed test was created, select Refresh Items to update the list of items.

Leave a comment in the Comments field if necessary and select OK to generate the test paper. A corresponding mark scheme is automatically created.

NOTE: For test papers containing ContentProducer items, you must generate a mark scheme and source booklet separately after generating the test paper.

5. Download test paper

Select Download under Test Paper and MarkScheme to download the generated test paper and mark scheme, respectively. Select Download All to download all documents associated with the printed test.

NOTE: If you make any changes to the download papers, you can select Upload to save them in Surpass. Open Revision History to see a detailed log of all changes made to printed test documents.

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