Importing items from other sources

Surpass lets you import items into subjects. This is useful if you have pre-existing content on your database or are creating a large volume of items. Use the Import items from other sources functionality to import items into Surpass from either a QTI file or a spreadsheet. This lets you create a large quantity of items quickly.

This article explains how to import items into a subject from spreadsheets and QTI files.

In this article

1. Choose your import type

In your subject, select Create New Item to open the Import menu. Choose Import items from other sources.

Select your import type (Spreadsheet, QTI 2.1, or QTI 1.2.1) in the Import items from other sources dialog menu.

Import type compatibilities

Each import type has different capabilities and compatibilities. Expand the following section to view a table comparing the import types.

Creating a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets must adhere to a strict format if they are to be imported into Surpass successfully. Select Download Sample XLS to get a pre-formatted empty spreadsheet. Refer to the Help and Guidelines sheet for details on each column’s content requirements. Enter content in the Item List sheet.

Expand the following section for information on how to input data in an import spreadsheet.

2. Choose your import file

Select Import to open your device’s file explorer.

Choose the file you want to import and select Open to start the upload.

3. Import items

After you select Open, Surpass begins copying the items from the upload file to the destination subject. The Importing Items dialog gives you a real-time feed of how many items have been successfully imported and if there are any errors.

After the items have been imported, select View Report on the dialog to download a CSV detailing any issues with their respective error codes. For example, you might have errors if upload file tag values are not defined in the destination subject.

4. View imported items

In your subject, the imported items are contained in a folder using the following naming convention: [upload file name] Import.

NOTE: All imported items are set to the Draft workflow status. If you want to change all items to Live at the same time, use Bulk Update.

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