Voiding a test in the Invigilate screen

If a candidate is absent from a test sitting, withdraws from the qualification, or is suspected of malpractice, you can cancel their test by voiding it. A test can be voided before it is sat and while it is in progress in the Invigilate screen. You can also void a test after it has been submitted in the Mark (Standard), Paper, and Moderate screens.

If a test is voided, the candidate receives no credit for any responses they might have made. Voided tests do not contribute to overall statistics in Reporting and voided response content is not viewable.

WARNING: Voiding cannot be reversed. Surpass does not log users who void tests in the Audit Report. You can restrict who has the ability to void using the Invigilate: Void Test permission in Site Settings > Roles. For more information, read About roles and permissions.

This article explains how to void a candidate’s test in the Invigilate screen.

In this article

1. Go to the Invigilate screen

To void a test, navigate to the Invigilate screen in Test Administration.

TIP: For more information about the Invigilate screen, read About the Invigilate screen.

2. Select a test

Choose the test you want to void in the Invigilate grid. Use Shift to select multiple tests.

3. Select Void

To void the selected test, select Void.

4. Explain your decision

Before you can void a test, you must provide a reason. The available options are Not yet started, Absent, Withdrawn, Partially Completed, and Other.

If you select Other, you must provide a written explanation for the void.

5. Confirm void

Select Void to void the test.