Creating an item pool

For LOFT/Adaptive tests, you must create a pool of items that rules can choose from in an external optimiser section. You can create item pools in the Item Pools screen.

This article explains how to create an item pool, including how to upload an item pool and define an item pool from a list. For more information about LOFT/Adaptive tests, see About LOFT/Adaptive tests.

In this article

1. Go to the Item Pools screen

To view the Item Pools screen, go to Test Creation > Item Pools.

TIP: For more information about Item Pools, read About the Item Pools screen.

2. Select Create Item Pool

Select Create Item Pool in the Item Pools screen to create a new item pool.

3. Upload an item pool or define from a list

There are two ways you can create an item pool in Surpass.

Uploading an item pool

You can choose to create your item pool with a CSV file.

Defining an item pool from a list

You can create your item pool using an existing item list.

4. Save your item pool

Select Save in the Create/Edit Item Pool screen to create your item pool and return to the Item Pools screen.

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