Using the item history

You can view a detailed audit trail for each of your subject’s items in their item history. The item history provides documentary evidence of all events, activities, and actors that have affected the item since its creation.

This article explains how to use the item history.

In this article

1. Go to your item’s Edit screen

Select an item in your subject to open it and go to the Edit screen.

2. Open the item history

Select Item History to open the item’s history.

3. View the item history

The item history data grid is arranged in the following columns:

Column Description
Version Lists all historical item versions. Items change version when changes are saved. Each version has its own row in the item history grid.

Items can have major versions (whole integers like 1, 2, and 3) and minor versions (non-integer decimals like 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3).

A new major item version is created every time there are saved changes to the item owner or workflow status. Any changes made to live items create a new major version.
Last Edited by Details the user who made the changes to the item version.
Last Edited at Details the date and time at which changes were made to the item version.
Status Details the workflow status of each item version.
Changes Details the type of change made to the item version.

If the item version has many changes, the Changes cell displays “Multiple changes made”. To view a list of each change, select the expander in the Version column.
Details Gives specific information about what was changed in the item version. For more information, see ‘Using the Details key’ below.

NOTE: Users without the Comment Manager permission are unable to read to private comments in the Details column.

The item history grid also records if an item has been duplicated, imported from another subject, or created from a template.

Using the Details key

The item history Key defines the icons that display in the Details column against item version changes. The following table has more information on these icons and the changes they represent.

Icon Type Description
Private comment Indicates a comment that is only visible to users with the Comment Manager permission.
Public comment Indicates a comment that is visible to all users. 
Added Indicates content that has been added.
Removed Indicates content that has been deleted.
Correct answer option added Indicates that the correct answer has been changed.
Answer option unchanged Indicates that no changes have been made to the answer option.

Changes visible in the item history

The following changes are visible in the item history: