Working as a task assignee

In Tasks, assignees complete specific jobs they have been assigned in the system.

An assignee is a user with the Authoring Assignee, Review Assignee, Standard Setting Assignee, or General Assignee permission. The Assignee permission allows you to work in tasks and gives you access to the Own Tasks list where you can observe the progress of tasks you have been assigned. For more information about the Tasks screen, read About the Tasks screen.

This article explains an assignee’s role in Authoring tasks, Review tasks, Standard Setting tasks, and General tasks.

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Authoring tasks

In Authoring tasks, assignees are allocated a set quota of blank or partially completed items to edit. To learn more, read Working in an Authoring task as an assignee.

Review tasks

In Review tasks, assignees inspect an item list on an item-by-item basis.

In Review tasks without editing enabled and Review tasks with Shared editing, assignees votes on each item’s quality. The lead assignee then makes a final decision on each item and changes their workflow status. In Shared Review tasks, all assignees work on the same item copies, meaning any changes are visible to all assignees. To learn more, read Working in a Shared Review task as an assignee.

In Review tasks with Individual editing, assignees edit their own copies of the item list’s items privately. Their changes are only visible to the lead assignee, who can compare all assignees’ versions and promote selected changes to the original item. To learn more, read Working in an Individual Review task as an assignee.

In Review tasks with Item Analysis editing, assignees can view and comment on items. Their comments are visible to all assignees and the lead assignee. The lead assignee can read, compare and use assignee’s comments to help them make a final decision on the item. To learn more, read Working in an Item Analysis Review task as an assignee.

Standard Setting tasks

In Standard Setting tasks, assignees rate items in an item list according to the Angoff rating method to help determine a cut score along with other assignees’ ratings. The Angoff rating method is designed to identify the proportion of minimally competent candidates. To learn more, read Working in a Standard Setting task as an assignee.

General tasks

In General tasks, assignees are given a specific job to complete outside of Tasks. To learn more, read Working in a General task as an assignee.