Marking a paper test in the Paper Mark screen

In the Paper Mark screen, you can assign marks to tests taken on paper.

This article explains how to mark a paper test in the Paper Mark screen.

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1. Go to the Paper Mark screen

To mark a paper test, navigate to the Paper Mark screen in Test Administration.

TIP: For more information about the Paper Mark screen, read About the Paper Mark screen.

2. Choose a test

Select the relevant test in the Paper Mark grid.

Select Mark Selected Test to open the Mark selected test dialog.

In the Mark selected test dialog, you can view information about the paper test you want to mark.

Detail Description
Candidate Displays the name of the candidate.
Candidate Ref Displays the candidate’s unique reference number.
Test Displays the name of the test.
Test Form Ref Displays the test’s unique reference number.
Centre Ref Displays the centre’s unique reference number.

You can choose to mark the selected test form or select a new test form. Select Confirm details and continue to marking to mark the selected test form.

Choose Select new Test Form to mark a new test form.

In the Select new Test Form dialog, choose a new test form to mark from the list.

Select OK to mark that test form.

3. Mark the test

In Max available mark, you can see the total amount of marks available for each item in the test. Enter a mark into the Mark field. If the candidate has not attempted a question, select Not attempted.

You can see the total number of marks assigned to this test in Total marks entered.

NOTE: Marks cannot be assigned to unattempted questions.

Select Submit Marks to submit the marks.

Select Submit Marks to confirm you want to submit the marks and return to the Paper Mark screen.

Escalating a paper test

Select Escalate to submit the paper test for further review. You might want to escalate a test if a candidate has been suspected of cheating or has completed the wrong test. For full instructions on how to escalate a script, read Escalating a script in the Paper Mark screen.

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