Viewing summary feedback in the test driver

At the end of a section or a test, candidates can view a summary of their performance. This helps candidates to get an immediate idea of how the test has gone.

This article explains what summary feedback is, including how to review your responses to items in a section.

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Viewing summary feedback

Depending on the test settings, you can view summary feedback at the end of every section, at the end of the test, or both.

If summary feedback is enabled the end of a section, you can see your performance for the section you have just completed.

If summary feedback is enabled at the end of the test, you can see your performance for the entire test.

Each item has a symbol that represents your performance or information about that item. You can see a key for these symbols in the test driver.

You can see your performance in a section as a percentage in the summary feedback.

Reviewing items

You can review your responses from the summary feedback screen.

Closing summary feedback

When you are finished with summary feedback, you can finish the section or submit the test to move on.

Select Finish in the summary feedback screen to finish the section or test.

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