Surpass SecureMarker Certification

The Surpass SecureMarker Certification test is a great way to evaluate your knowledge of SecureMarker, confirming that you can use the basic functionality confidently. It’s also a good opportunity to identify any areas of SecureMarker that you may be less confident in.

About the Surpass SecureMarker Certification Test

Surpass SecureMarker Certification: Level 1 is designed to assess users’ knowledge of core functionality in SecureMarker.

Questions will cover the end-to-end process, including setting up users, managing quality control features, allocating responses, marking, and reviewing scripts. If you’ve recently received full SecureMarker training, all of the test content will have been covered by your trainer.

The test is open book, so you can make use of all the SecureMarker help resources if needed.

Table of Contents

Test Details

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Number of questions: 20
  • Pass mark: 80% on Section 1 (8/10 marks), 70% on Section 2 (7/10 marks).

Test Format

The test is delivered on-screen through Surpass. All the questions are multiple choice or multiple response, and are worth one mark each.

The test is split into two sections. The first section contains 10 questions about the fundamentals of each screen in SecureMarker. The second section contains 10 randomly selected questions covering the functionality in each screen.

The sample question below will help you to understand the type of question that will appear in the exam.

EXAMPLE: Question: What is an examiner’s daily competency run?

A: The number of Control Items they will be presented with at the start of a marking session.
B: The maximum number of items they can mark every day.
C: The minimum number of items they need to mark every day.
D: The number of Control Items they will be presented with at the end of a marking session.

Registering for Surpass SecureMarker Certification: Level 1

Please complete the form below with your details. The test will then be scheduled for you, and you will be emailed details of how to access it.