Installing SecureClient

SecureClient is a desktop delivery app with offline test support and built-in protections against internet and device failure. SecureClient features lockdown capabilities that prevent candidates from leaving the test session and accessing any other apps on their device. You can install SecureClient from the Launch Test screen in Surpass.

NOTE: For information on what devices SecureClient is supported, read System Requirements.

This article explains how to install SecureClient on your device.

In This Article

1. Navigate to the Surpass home screen

To view the Surpass home screen, select Home. Surpass automatically directs you to the home screen when you log in to Surpass. For more information, read About the Surpass home screen.

2. Select Deliver Test

Select Deliver Test  to open the Launch Test screen.

3. Select Secure Delivery

Select Secure Delivery on the Launch Test screen. For more information on each delivery option, read About Surpass test delivery options.

4. Download SecureClient installer

To download SecureClient on a Windows device, select Download for Windows to begin the installation process.

To download SecureClient on an iPad, select Download on the App Store to begin the installation process.

5. Install SecureClient

After downloading the SecureClient installer, the installation process differs depending on your device.

Installing SecureClient for Windows

Expand the following section for instructions on the installation process for Windows devices.

Installing SecureClient for iPad

Expand the following section for instructions on the installation process for iPadOS devices.