Creating a Custom Question

WARNING: Please speak to your Surpass Account Manager if you are interested in using this functionality. The Custom Question ZIP files required to use this item type are not included in Surpass as standard.
NOTE: Custom Questions are only available in HTML subjects.

Custom Questions let you upload ZIP files containing custom question content in Surpass.

This article explains how to create a Custom Question item in Surpass and how to upload custom ZIP files to the Media Library.

In this article

1. Choose your item type

In your subject, select Create New Item to open the Question Types menu. Choose Custom Question to create a blank Custom Question item and go to the Edit screen.

2. Name your item

Enter the item’s name in the Name field.

An item's Name field filled with 'Sample Item Name'.

3. Enter your question text

Enter your question text in the question stem. Select Add Text Area  to add an additional question stem. You can have a maximum of five question stems per item.

A Multiple Choice question stem with the following content: 'What is the largest US state by population'

Open Additional Options  to add source material or assistive media to your question stem. In mixed subjects, you can also add a table to your question stem (in HTML subjects, tables can be added using the formatting toolbar).

4. Add your custom question type

Select Select Type to open the Select Type dialog.

Select the ZIP file you want to add to your item.

Select Add to add your Custom Question type to the item.

Once added, the name and version number of the Custom Question type are detailed in the item.

Uploading custom question ZIP files to the Media Library

Custom Question type ZIP files must be uploaded to the Media Library.

5. Configure your custom question

Select Configure to open the custom ZIP file. This allows you to change how the item displays in delivery.

Configuring Line and Scatter Graph custom questions

The Line and Scatter Graph custom question type lets you create, configure, and plot data on line and scatter graphs.

Configuring Spreadsheet custom questions

The Spreadsheet custom question type lets you create, configure, and enter data into a spreadsheet.

Configuring Bar Chart custom questions

The Bar Chart custom question type lets you create, configure, and input data on a bar chart.

Configuring Hot Text custom questions

The Hot Text question type lets you create a paragraph where one of the words is the correct answer.

Configuring Pie Chart custom questions

The Pie Chart custom question type lets you create, configure, and input data into a pie chart.

Configuring Graph Selector custom questions

The Graph Selector custom question type lets you present candidates with a choice of three graphs to create when answering the question. Candidates can choose between a bar chart, line graph, and pie chart.

6. Save your configurations

To save your configurations, select Close .

Select Save .

IMPORTANT: If you do not also select Save in the main Item Authoring screen of your item after saving your configurations, all configuration will be lost.

Removing custom question types

Once uploaded, Custom Question types can be removed from your item.

7. Set the question’s marks

Set the item’s total marks in the Mark field.

8. Select a workflow status

Set the item’s workflow status in the Status drop-down menu. Only items set to Live can be used in a test.

An item's workflow status being set to Live.

9. Saving and closing your item

Select Save to save your item to your subject.

To see additional saving options, use the Save arrow to open the Save Options menu. Select Save & Close to save the item and return to the Subjects screen. Select Save & New to save the item and create another Custom Question item.

Select Close to leave the Edit screen. If you have unsaved changes, you are prompted to either save or discard them.

Further reading

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